We work with assessment centres and assessors across the country to understand their needs and how we can make their life as easy as possible.


Our support of students is always of the highest standard. With year after year of glowing QAG audits, we don’t just look at the KPIs set within the QAF. Furthermore, Wyvern are dedicated to providing the best service we can alongside our assessors, we do that using a data-driven, constant-feedback approach.

Bespoke Internal Systems

Bespoke Internal Systems

At Wyvern, we have invested heavily in our internal systems to allow us to ensure all students are supported quickly and efficiently. We have internal SLA's that are required to be met. This ensures orders are quickly processed and delivered, training is provided flexibly and on-going support is provided.

DSA Training
We Listen to Students

We Listen to Students

After completion of all deliveries, training and support requests, we send a survey to find out how we did. We’re pleased to report that the feedback is consistently great. Furthermore, if there is an occasion where we see a dip in feedback, we address the situation quickly to ensure our standards are always met.

Business IT Solutions
Custom-Made Quoting System

Custom-Made Quoting System

Wyvern make it easy for assessors. Over the years we have developed our custom quotation system that makes an assessors job a breeze. We listen, and as a result, change our systems to reflect the needs of assessors. Our team understand that assessors need to be able to support many students. Consequently, the less time spent on admin, the more time that is spent with students and making sure they are supported throughout their studies.


We have been supplying DSA Students for over 20 years, and throughout this time we have built an extensive knowledge base of Assistive Technology, and supported thousands of students through their studies.

With a specialised team of Delivery Staff, Trainers and a dedicated Technical Support Team, we can offer everything a student needs to maximise the benefit of their Equipment.



Wyvern have trainers located throughout the country who have been carefully selected based on a variety of skills and qualities that we feel make them excellent Assistive Technology Trainers. They are fully trained in products including TextHelp Read & Write, Claro Read, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Audio Notetaker, Inspiration & MindView, to name but a few.


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