We have a dedicated team of trainers who specialise in one-to-one training to ensure that students get a full understanding of their assistive technology.



We have trainers located throughout the country who have been carefully selected based on a variety of skills and qualities that we feel make them excellent Assistive Technology Trainers. They are fully trained in products including TextHelp Read & Write Gold, Claro Read Pro, Dragon Naturally Speaking/Dragon Dictate, Inspiration & MindView, to name but a few.

Our trainers specialise in one-to-one training to ensure that students get a full understanding of the assistive technology, and how it can benefit them to support them in their studies. They prepare for the sessions in advance, in order to maximise the time spent learning, and then tailor the sessions according to the customers’ particular needs and learning styles.

We realise that people have busy schedules, so we offer as much flexibility as possible to help customers find a suitable appointment option. In addition to offering Monday to Friday 9-5 appointments, we also have evening and weekend training sessions available.

A number of our trainers have been chosen to also be our Visual Impairment Training Specialists; they have been selected due to their vast experience of Assistive Technology Training and have been trained on a number of VI software packages including Dolphin SuperNova & ZoomText.

Support Worker Co-Coaching, Strategy Coaching, Dyslexia Awareness and Colleague / Disability Awareness Training.

Our trainers undergo an intensive and thorough training programme including disability awareness and are regularly monitored and assessed to ensure that they continually deliver high quality training. We regularly receive testimonials that highlight the excellence of their work.

Wyvern Business Systems are QAG registered and are regularly audited; we not only comply, but often exceed, the requirements that ensure we stay QAG registered.

All of the students that we provide assistive training for are asked to complete an online survey so that we can receive important feedback on our trainers and ensure they are maintaining our high standards.

Our non-medical services include, Assistive Technology Training, Student Skills and BSL sign language interpreting.

We understand the importance of educational support. Why not take advantage of the DSA system by going directly to an official DSA supplier.

Our British Sign language Interpreting support allows students to gain better understanding and improve communication throughout their education.


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