Our British Sign language Interpreting support allows students to gain better understanding and improve communication throughout their education.



Wyvern are a leading provider of specialist assessments for people with hearing impairments in the UK. Our team of experienced, fully trained, specialist assessors provide these services on behalf of universities, higher education institutions, DSA needs assessment centres and Access to Work (ATW) Assessors to support disabled people throughout their entire journey through work and education.

Our fully trained specialists can visit people at their home, work, or place of study. They will explore which situations they have difficulty hearing and any other locations they need further hearing support. The assessment will ensure compatibility with existing hearing instruments and the type of equipment they use (hearing aid, BAHA, cochlear implant) including ’T’ loop activation and consider other devices they need to connect with (TV, phone, computer).

Following the assessment, our specialist assessor will research the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment and support options available. These recommendations are then highlighted in a detailed report, this will include background information regarding their diagnosis and barriers surrounding their learning or work because of their hearing impairment.


Wyvern have access to a network of support services, we can use British sign language known as BSL where required. Sign Language is used mainly by people who are Deaf or have hearing impairments and is a visual means of communicating using gestures, facial expression, body language and lip patterns to communicate during the assessment.

The professional interpreter is impartial and will interpret between two languages in such a way that effective communication takes place between the participating language speakers and signers. The interpreter interprets one-way (e.g., from BSL into English) and/or two-way (e.g., BSL into English, then English into BSL) to ensure that the preferred communication method is provided and people with hearing impairments understand the options available to them and receive the support they need.

Sign Language

Our non-medical services include, Assistive Technology Training, Student Skills and BSL sign language interpreting.

We have a dedicated team of trainers who specialise in one-to-one training to ensure that students get a full understanding of their assistive technology.

We understand the importance of educational support. Why not take advantage of the DSA system by going directly to an official DSA supplier.


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