Complaints Policy

1. Introduction
Wyvern Business Systems Limited has a Complaints Procedure. This Procedure is available in alternative formats, as required and outlines the timescales for response.

All complaints will be handled in a professional, non-confrontational manner and in accordance with
their procedures. Depending on the nature of the complaint, in the event of an impasse being reached
between the Company and the Complainant, the matter may be referred back to the Disability Officer
or Assessor / Assessment Centre. If this fails to resolve the problem then, and only then, will the matter
be referred to the funding body, who in consultation with other stakeholders, will make the final decision.

All official complaints will be logged and the date of the complaint recorded along with closure of a solution.

2. Complaints Procedure

In the first instance complaints must be made to the relevant department that is concerned. The Manager / Supervisor responsible for that department will then deal with the complaint and endeavour to resolve the issue.

If the relevant Departmental Manager/Supervisor is unable to resolve the matter in a manner that is deemed satisfactory, it will then be escalated to the complaints team via email.

On receipt of a complaint the Company will request from the Complainant their contact details and any other relevant information in respect of their complaint. This will be Name and ID reference number. 

The Manager / Supervisor dealing with the complaint will then acquire as much information as is possible with regards to the case and will document this information within the Complaints Log.

Once all the facts have been established the relevant Manager / Supervisor will then inform the Complainant of the outcome within 10 working days of the complaint being received. This will then be discussed so that the resolution reached is satisfactory to all parties.

DSA - If the Complainant is unhappy with the proposed resolution, then the case will be referred to the the Assessment Centre. In the event that the situation cannot be rectified, you can refer to the funding body and a request for them to arbitrate can be made.

Business/Consumer - If the Complainant is unhappy with the proposed resolution, you can refer the complaint to an independant reviewer of your choice.

Complaints can be made in any of the following ways –

By post:
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Via email:

This document is reviewed annually. Last Reviewed: 19/10/2023