Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy 2019

Wyvern Business Systems Ltd recognises that it has a responsibility to ensure that any records held in relation to current or past clients is strictly limited to only that information which is specifically relevant and is sufficient enough for the purpose for which is is required and that no additional information is retained in any circumstances.

The information held should contain only that which is sufficient enough to ensure that any liabilities are met and which ensures an adequate level of support can be provided to Student without compromise, and will be limited to the following –

  • Contact details including address and telephone number(s)

  • Warranty & Insurance cover and dates

  • History of any technical support provided

  • History of any complaints made, including details relating to the final resolution – from both the individual and stakeholder if made on their behalf

Wyvern Business Systems Ltd will not transfer or sell to any third party for marketing purposes, any data it holds relating to Students under any circumstances.

Wyvern Business Systems Ltd will provide any Student with the opportunity, if they so wish, to opt out of any marketing communications it may undertake in the future.

All data that is held will be in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

This document is reviewed annually. Last reviewed: 15/10/2019