DSA Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions – DSA
Delivery Service available and timescales
The Student will receive order confirmation from Wyvern Business Systems within 1 working day of receipt of your order. Wyvern will contact you to arrange delivery of your equipment and confirm all the items that are due to be delivered and also your detail. The delivery dates offered to you should be within 10 working days of your order acknowledgement letter. You will be sent a Delivery Confirmation letter confirming the time, date and address, it will also state how important it is that you are present in the allotted 2 hour time slot. If you miss this 2 hour time slot then you may be liable to pay the cost of a re-delivery fee, this will also mean that your items will not be delivered and so your delivery will be delayed. Your delivery and set up and familiarisation will take place at the same time, and could last up to 1 ½ hours. Your equipment and software will undergo configuration prior to delivery, all software, where possible, will be registered to each individual
student and not generically installed. Prior to delivery all systems will be tested for stability to reduce likelihood of dead on arrival deliveries. If you do not wish configuration to happen prior to delivery then we must have written confirmation of your request. If there are any delays we will advise you as soon as possible. The Engineer during your delivery, set up and familiarisation will complete a checklist of activities, these will include:

  • date of installation

  • start time and finish time

  • check all ordered equipment has been delivered

  • unpack equipment

  • assemble and connect peripherals

  • Set-up and familiarisation taken place on dated recorded

  • software installation (if not preloaded)

  • system testing (if not completed prior to delivery)

  • how to open assistive software

  • brief demonstration of assistive hardware

  • demonstrate that standard hardware is working

  • demonstrate that standard software is available and running

  • basic instruction in safe operation of the system e.g. anti-virus protection is running

  • how to back up data

  • how to request technical support

  • aftercare – Maintenance, Support & Insurance

Once this Checklist is complete the Delivery note should be signed by the student to agree that everything on there has been delivered. A copy of the Delivery note and engineer’s checklist should be kept by the student and the other copy retained by the Engineer and returned to the office.

Aftercare services available
In addition to the first 12 months standard manufacturer’s warranty, in line with the Consumer Goods Act, Wyvern Business Systems LTD will offer comprehensive computer and peripherals maintenance and support for the duration of the course. The student will be sent a maintenance and support document once the order of equipment has been delivered. This will have details of the equipment covered, the level of cover and the start and finish dates of the maintenance and support. With this document will be a Support summary, this will explain the key aspects of the maintenance and support and advise the student to contact Wyvern Business Systems LTD in the event of any technical problems. This summary document clearly explains that the maintenance and support does not cover wear and tear, consumables (batteries, ink cartridges) or damage due to unapproved consumables. If the student extends their course they will have the option to extend their maintenance and insurance, at a cost for additional years, up to a maximum of 5 years. This extension will be subject to a health check of the PC or laptop. This health check will be at a cost and if repairs are required this will be at a cost as well. The maintenance includes on-site and return to base repair. The return to base repairs will be arrange by Wyvern Business Systems LTD and will include the uplift of equipment and the return of equipment once fixed.

Insurance process and insurance timescales
Wyvern Business systems Ltd will arrange cover for the duration of the students course (specified by the assessor). This insurance cover will be provided Specialty Risks Limited. The policy will cover all the hardware supplied by ourselves and include the following:

  • Zero excess policy

  • Accidental damage, fire theft and 3rd party malicious damage

  • Full reinstatement of all hardware and software to at least the standard originally supplied

  • No limit on the number of claims

  • Worldwide cover

Permitted Exclusions:

  • Theft from unlocked/unsecured premises or vehicles

  • if an item is lost or misplaced

All claims must be made within 45 days.

Wyvern Business Systems LTD will (Where Necessary) provide loan equipment to the student, if the students equipment is lost or stolen. Loan equipment will only be issued once the insurance company has agreed that there is a valid claim.

Technical Support
Wyvern Business Systems LTD provides a “Help Desk” service with dedicated staff dealing with enquiries. The opening hours for this service will be 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). Where a student contacts the help desk by email, Wyvern Business Systems LTD should respond within a 2 hour period from receipt of the communication.

Wyvern Business Systems LTD provide remote access support (with the student’s consent) and the following alternative contact methods:

  • telephone

  • SMS text

  • email

  • type talk

  • onsite support (when necessary)

  • return to base repair (when necessary)

The helpdesk will provide comprehensive hardware and software support.
The helpdesk will endeavour to resolve problems at the first point of contact. If the problem cannot be resolved within 24 hours by remote support then the decision is made to conduct a return to base repair or an onsite visit. Uplift should be take place for return to base repairs within 2 business days (subject to student availability).

If the problem cannot be rectified within 3 working days of uplift from the student, loan equipment will be provided. The loan equipment should be of a suitable specification to run assistive technology software. Where the equipment is a specialist piece of equipment, the loan, as a minimum, should be able to run substantially all the support related software that was originally supplied. Assistive technology software will be loaded in advance of taking the loan equipment to the student’s residence. The exception would be where the student has specialist software which the AT Provider would not normally hold as a stock item for loan equipment.

The timeframe from the student’s initial call to the provision of the loan equipment will be no longer than 6 working days.

If it is found that the problems with students equipment has resulted from a virus, then “first” time viruses will be fixed by Wyvern FOC. Second time and thereafter, if related to non-course work then the student may be required to pay a fee.

Return to base repairs should be completed within 3 weeks for desktop PCs and laptops.

The AT provider will make all reasonable efforts to recover all course related data from the hard drive.

Recovered data will not be stored for any longer than 4 weeks after the repair has been completed without the student’s written consent. If Wyvern Business Systems is unable to resolve a repair call, they may need to pass the equipment onto a 3rd party or manufacturer to repair. If the Original Equipment cannot be repaired within this timescale then permanent replacement equipment will be provided.

All technical support requested by the student will be maintained as a record for the duration of the students course. Wyvern Business Systems LTD will provide support for the students IT needs for the relevant equipment supplied by us for the duration of the student’s course. Should the student terminate the course of their own volition, or be asked to leave prior to the end of the course, support will only be given for the duration of the warranty.

Complaints process and handling
Wyvern Business Systems Limited has a complaints procedure. All complaints will be handled in a professional, non-confrontational manner and in accordance with their procedures. Depending on the nature of the complaint, in the event of an impasse being reached between Wyvern Business Systems LTD and the student concerned the matter may be referred back to the Disability Officer or Assessor or their Assessment Centre. If that fails to resolve the problem then, and only then, will the matter be referred to the funding body, who in consultation with other stakeholders, will make the final decision. All official complaints are logged with date of complaint and closure of a solution.

Complaints Procedure
In the first instance you will need to complain to the department that you have been dealing with. They will endeavour to deal with this as a department and the relevant supervisor will look after the complaint. You can
report your complaint to us in the following ways:

Phone: 01432 271233

Post: Wyvern Business Systems Limited, Wyvern House, Netherwood Road,
Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford, HR2 6JJ.

Email: dsa@wbs.uk.com

Website: http://wbs.uk.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/WyvernComplaints-Policy.pdf

If the relevant departmental supervisor cannot deal with the complaint in a manner that you deem to be satisfactory it will then be escalated to the General Manager. The General Manager will then make contact with you. You will not receive a written response at this informal stage, unless you ask for one.

On receipt of your complaint we will take the relevant details from you. This will be Name and ID reference number. If a phone call back is required then this will be done so in the first instance. The Departmental Manager will supply the customer with both his name and contact details. He/she will then acquire as much information as is possible with regards to the case and will document this within the complaints log. Once all the facts have been established the relevant manager will then inform the customer of the outcome. This will then be discussed so that the resolution is satisfactory. If the customer remains unhappy with the proposed resolution then the case will be passed to the General Manager. The General Manager will then strive to reach a resolution. If at any point the customer is not happy with the suggested outcome then the General Manager will direct the customer to assessment centre. In the event that this does not rectify the situation then as a final resolution the funding body will be called to arbitrate.