Windows 11

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Windows 11

New Features In WINDOWS 11


- Windows 11 has had a redesign where the corners are now rounded and has a new blur effect within certain applications like the files explorer.

- The task bar has also been redesigned with the same blur effect and the icons are now centred by default instead of being on the left which most people will be more used to. This can be moved back if wanted.

- With the redesigned task bar there are also some limitations where you can no longer move the task bar to either side or top of the screen.

- When right clicking on items there is now a new “Context” menu, this matches the new design that windows 11 has but if you need to access the old style menu you can click on “Show more options”.

There is also a new design for most of the icons but there are still some old icons available .

The windows store has also been redesigned within this version for the newly redesigned OS.

Android Apps

Microsoft announced that users will be able to run android apps but this feature was not ready when Windows 11 was released. It is still a work in progress. Microsoft is working with Amazon to get this feature to work. Users will need to download the “Amazon App Store” via the windows store to get this feature working.


Microsoft has had widgets on and off in different versions of windows starting from windows Vista but now there is a dedicated icon on the task bar where when clicking on the icon on the task bar the widgets will appear from the left. Currently there are only Microsoft based widgets but we are hoping that support for third part widgets will be implemented.

Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft has now baked teams right into windows and added an icon directly into the taskbar which will be great for people that are using teams to speak with friends and family. Now the only the personal version of teams is support for the inbuilt version.


Microsoft has now added some of the features that are in the new Xbox consoles like Auto HDR and Direct Storage into Windows 11 to enhance the gaming experience for users.

Virtual Desktops

Where windows has had virtual desktops in windows since windows 10 Microsoft has enhanced the experience in windows 11 where you can change the wallpaper of each different virtual desktop if you wanted to easily identify which virtual desktop you are on.

Multitasking & Multiple desktops

Microsoft has enhanced their support for multiple monitors, an issue within windows 10 was if you disconnected a monitor it would move all of the windows to another monitor and if you plugged the monitor back it would not move them back. Not any more as when you unplug a monitor it will minimize windows and if you have not done anything with them and plug the monitor back in it will restore them back to that monitor that was open previously.

Microsoft has enhanced their support for window snapping. Now when you hover over the “Maximise” icon they will get some predefined options of where the window could be snapped to instead of them just dragging a window to the edge of the screen. Please note that the predefined options are based on the size of your screen.

App Development

Microsoft has changed the way they are dealing with app payment and are now allowing for development to bring their own commerce into the Microsoft store. Also, Microsoft are allowing developers to bring every type of app to the app store which includes Win32, Progressive Web App (PWA), or Universal Windows App (UWP). (Microsoft, 2021).

Windows 11 Hardware Compatibility

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

· CPU – Intel 8th Gen or higher/AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen or higher

· RAM – 4GB DDR4 (Recommended 8GB DDR4)

· Storage – 64GB

· System Firmware – UEFI and Secure Boot Capable

· TPM – Trusted Platform Module ver. 2.0

· Graphics Card – Compatible with DirectX12 or later with WDDM 2.0 Driver

· Display – High Definition display that is greater than 9” diagonally, 8 bits per colour channel


It is not recommended for our machines to be upgraded to windows 11 as it could cause software related issues with any DSA provided software. More information from software providers will be needed before this can be a recommended action.


Below is information on the main manufacturers of our printers and the compatibility with windows 11:

· Epson - Have not released a list of compatible printers at present

· Canon - Have not released a list of compatible printers at present.

· Brother – They have confirmed a number of compatibility issues on the printers they supply with windows 11.

The following popular items are compatible with Windows 11:

• Samgo Mic

• DM770 Dictaphones

• SG110 mics – part of the sonocent bundles

• Olympus ME 34 Mics

• Olympus Sonority

• Caption.Ed

• NTEHub Pro Cloud Account +App +Kit

• Mindview

• Inspiration

• Dragon

• Claro

• Glean

• Audio Notetaker

• NTEHub Pro Cloud Account +App +Kit

• Global Autocorrect

• Global Tasks

• Writing Helper


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