• Dyslexia Awareness Week

    Dyslexia Awareness Week

    To support the awareness campaign, Breaking through BarriersChris Blake talks about being Innovative, Creative and Aubergines!#Innovation #imagination #creativity #problemsolving #neurodiversity #communication #positivechange #aubergine #dyslexiaawareness #assistivetechnology Click Here to watch the video

  • iView Health, is not just for patients….

    iView Health, is not just for patients….

    iView Health supports and promotes positive health outcomes for the individual, through direct Health monitoring of LIVE bio statistics. Combined with regular wellbeing checks, patients and employees can effectively work with their support base to resolve health or mental issues.  Boosting care quality also comes from better insights once you can monitor change. IView Health gives

  • What Exactly is Mindfulness? 

    What Exactly is Mindfulness? 

    Mindfulness is the practice of ensuring that your mind is entirely focused on what’s going on, what you’re doing, and the environment you’re in. That may appear insignificant, except for the fact that we frequently stray from the topic at hand. Our minds take flight, we lose contact with our bodies, and we find ourselves