iView Health, is not just for patients….

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iView Health supports and promotes positive health outcomes for the individual, through direct Health monitoring of LIVE bio statistics. Combined with regular wellbeing checks, patients and employees can effectively work with their support base to resolve health or mental issues. 

Boosting care quality also comes from better insights once you can monitor change. IView Health gives you those insights. Analysis of data to help professionals predict and prevent health incidents and determine effective treatments.

Getting insights into patients care needs, helping to deliver patient or employee care at the right time. By Continuously monitoring individuals’ conditions by gathering data from secure Smart Wearable technology to provide timely alerts. 

  • Benefits to Organisations either Employers or Health Delivery
  • Enabling Personalised Care
  • Nurture direct relationships with individuals 
  • Improve Patient or Employee care and outcomes 
  • Connect with Individuals in new ways 
  • Strengthen those relationships with intelligent and digital services 
  • Enable more informed choices at point of data 
  • Care teams spend less time on travel, coordination, and other tasks 
  • Increase Patient/employee throughput 
  • Base decisions on actional health biometric information 
  • Lower costs and reduce risks. 

Using our proprietary system, professionals can monitor, view, and respond to the individuals needs and provide effective management.