How is iView health beneficial to the healthcare industry?

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iView Health supports and promotes positive health outcomes for the individual, through direct Health monitoring of LIVE biometric readings. Aimed at the healthcare industry and pharmaceutical organisations, self-management of their health for individuals, or business organisations to support employees, iView Health and Wellbeing is at the forefront of 21st Medical Support and Analysis.

What is the iView Health system?

iView Health is a system that can detect and alert individuals if a user’s statistics show a worrying trend or an increase/decrease in specific biometrics This allows the individuals to make direct contact to assess the users wellbeing.

Through our remote and secure network, our system gathers health and daily habit data through the connection of our iView Smart Wear technology. This data is then monitored and analysed through the individuals iView analytics dashboard.

Our innovative technology follows the iView CALM model (Collecting, Awareness, Learning and Modifying). Users or the user’s individual support team can view detailed analytics and graphs that outline the collected data via the dashboard. Parameters can be set for each metric to allow users and support workers to view data over a given time.

iView Health is not just one system; it encompasses the following options:

  • Solo: Smartware only
  • Dual: Smartware and app
  • Care: Smartware, app and tablet

How does iView Health benefit healthcare professionals?

More than 60% of health care professionals time is taken up by gathering and recording vital statistics. This time spent can now be utilised for more pressing engagements whilst being confident that patients’ vital statistics are being monitored 24/7.

iView Health is a system that not only reduces pressure on the health service but also gains medical data directly from patients as they get on with their everyday life.

Using our proprietary system, healthcare professionals can monitor, view, and respond to the individuals needs and provide effective management in a timely manner.

With only one short appointment with a healthcare professional, either at hospital, a medical practice or the comfort of the patients own home, the system can be calibrated to enable the patient’s vital statistics to be analysed.

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