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When logging in to the Notetalker Edit phone application, you will need to log in using an email address and a pin code. The email address can be any address that you would like to use to associate with your NoteTalker account. The pin code is exactly the same code as the serial number used to activate the Windows/Mac version of Notetalker. You will be able to find this serial number on your Student Portal.

The DSA software is allocated to you and therefore you are able to install this software on another machine if you desire. Please note that the DSA software only comes with 1 license and therefore will only be able to be activated on one machine. Installing and activating your DSA software on another machine will likely stop the software from working on the original machine due to this fact.

Any faults/damage that have occurred with the machine will need to be repaired through us, as we are the equipment suppliers. If you take your laptop to a 3rd party for repair then you will likely void the maintenance and support contract you have with ourselves meaning we will be very limited on how we can support you going forward.

Microsoft Office is free for all students in education, so you are entitled to a free Office 365 subscription. This Office 365 subscription will be tied to your ac.uk academic email address. All you need to do to activate Microsoft Office is to log in to the app on your machine using your academic email address and the password that you use to log in to that email address.

We would recommend that if you have accidentally damaged your machine, take pictures of the damage so that you have them as a record and then forward those images to us via email so that we can see the full extent of the damage. Once you have forwarded us the images, we will advise you on the next steps on making an insurance claim in order to get the machine repaired as quickly as possible.

You will be able to find your serial numbers and downloads for all of your DSA software on your Student Portal. In order to log in to your student portal, please click here.

You will be presented with a website that is asking you for your email address and password. The email address will be the address you provided us during the initial DSA2 letter process. The password will be your Student ID number (five digits long). If you are unsure where to find your ID number, you will likely find this number on any of the paperwork/emails that has been sent to you from Wyvern Business Systems. If you are still unable to find this number, then we would recommend that you contact us via phone, email or live chat and request this number. Once logged in to your Student Portal, you will be presented with your orders. From this page you will be able to click on any of your orders to show the full list of items on each one. When you click on this order, you will be given a list of items. The software items in this list will have a small “View” button next to them if they have a serial number available.

We would recommend that you make a backup of all of your data if you have the means to. You will be able to make a backup of your data by either saving your documents to a USB stick, external hard drive or the cloud (Dropbox, One Drive, iCloud and many more). Once you have backed up your data, you will just need to make sure you or another household member is available during the agreed collection period. Once the courier has arrived, all you need to do is to hand the laptop and the charger over to the driver and they will pop it into the box we have provided and then seal it up. The driver will then give you a receipt, we would recommend that you keep hold of this receipt as this is proof the collection has taken place.

You will need to register your email address on the Sonocent Audio Notetaker Windows application. You will be prompted 5 days after the Windows application has been activated to register your email address with Sonocent. Once this has been done then you will be able to take that email address and your pin to the Sonocent link phone app and log in. The pin code will be the last four digits of your original serial number.

Once your laptop has been fully assessed, the results of the health check are forwarded to Student Finance for review. If your machine has passed the health check then you are able to have your machine sent back to you next working day. If the health check has failed then we will need to inform Student Finance who will make the decision as to how to proceed.

Click on the start menu, type in control panel. Click on “User Accounts”, then click on “User Accounts” again and then click on “Change Password”. From here you will be able to set a password that you will be able to use to log in to your account. You may also set a password hint on this screen to help you remember.

Click on the start menu, type in control panel. Click on “User Accounts”, then click on “User Accounts” again and then click on “Change account name”. From here you will be able to input the name you would like to change your username to. Please note you will need to restart the laptop for the change to take effect.

We would advise that you go back to your Assessment centre as they recommend the products we supply to yourself. If you cannot afford the upgrade, they have the ability to recommend a higher specification machine and put this forward to the funding body. Alternatively, you may also apply for a hardship fund should your university support this.


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